Mini Textiles

Born in 1993, the Baltic Mini Textile Gdynia in Gdynia, Poland, is the youngest of the four major textile miniatures events in Europe. However, it has already developed its own position and meaning. Thus, it can be compared to other prestigious international competitions organized in Szombathely, Angers and Como.

The aim of the exhibition is to present textile miniatures selected by the jury of the 11 Baltic Mini Textile Gdynia competition. The exhibition will enable viewers to view interesting and artistic works submitted by 155 artists from around the world. It takes place every three years in the Gdynia City Museum, which has been the event's main organiser since 2007. 

The uniqueness of the Gdynia event resides in the fact that the participants donate their miniatures to the museum, forming the basis of what is already an extensive collection currently totalling over 300 works. Clearly, textile miniatures have their own faithful circle of admirers, as selected works from the museum's collection have been presented in Germany, the United States and Australia. 

The beauty of textile miniatures lies in the almost intimate contact between creator and viewer. While the miniatures have been created using a variety of techniques, in their design, they still always allude to weaving and interlacing methods. 

Until 9 June 2019.

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