Old Stock

Duran Lantink courtesy of Centraal Museum

The source material for the collection that Duran Lantink has designed for Old Stock, his three-part exhibition at Centraal Museum, Utrecht, is the museum’s fashion archive. Not source material as in inspiration, but literally, clothes that were formerly part of the Centraal Museum fashion collection have been cut up and used as fabric for something new.

Based in Amsterdam, Lantink is famous for using this collage and upcycling technique, creating new pieces from designer overstock, or old designer pieces found in charity shops. He is also famous for the pink ‘vagina pants’ created for Janelle Monáe’s music video Pynk, subsequently purchased by Centraal Museum.

Photo: Bon Duke

Lantink’s commitment to creating sustainable collections includes ethical production and the items made for Old Stock were created in collaboration with the sewing studio of Huis van Vrede (a Christian-inspired community centre in Utrecht), where the tailors are former refugees.

The second part of the exhibition is an installation exploring the devaluation of clothing in our climate of over-consumption. Straight from the sale bins questions the permanent state of sale and discount in the fashion industry, casting a critical eye on the phenomena of Black Friday. It was created for the International Fashion Showcase, London Fashion Week February 2019, an event dedicated to promoting the best up and coming fashion talent. Lantink worked with Nick Knight from SHOWstudio on an accompanying film, also part of the exhibition.

Photo: Jan Hoek (detail)

The third and final part presents Sistaaz of the Castle. This is a project – commissioned by Amsterdam’s Museum of Bags and Purses – that Lantink undertook with photographer Jan Hoek and trans sex support group Sistaaz Hood, documenting the Sistaaz’s style. A group of trans sex workers from the streets of Cape Town, the Sistaaz create themselves through lavish outfits, inspirational to Lantink.  

Duran Lantink: Old Stock, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands until 27 October 2019.

Blog post by Kate Lawson

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