Patching And Mending With Tom Of Holland

Tom van Deijnen is a self-taught knitter from The Netherlands, who now lives in Brighton, UK. Technique, tradition and narrative inform much of his work. Under the moniker Tom of Holland, he explores these aspects of knitting and shares his enthusiasm with other knitters through exhibitions and workshops. Hand-knitting has also raised his awareness of the meaning behind garments and his relationship with the clothes he wears. In this lightning-fast modern world, he actively enjoys doing things that "take forever", as it allows him to gain a deep understanding of material qualities and the traditional techniques he uses for making and mending contemporary objects.

Tom is deeply interested in both sustainability and the rich textile history around wool in the United Kingdom, which has led to the Visible Mending Programme, through which Tom provides mending and repair inspiration, skills and services. The Visible Mending Programme seeks to highlight that the art and craftsmanship of clothes repair is particularly relevant in a world where more and more people voice their dissatisfaction with fashion’s throwaway culture. By exploring the story behind garment and repair, the Programme reinforces the relationship between the wearer and garment, leading to people wearing their existing clothes for longer, with the beautiful darn worn as a badge of honour. 

Tom will be giving a workshop in July that will cover a variety of techniques to repair woven fabrics, including patching and hemming to tackle a variety of issues seen in items made from woven fabrics, from garments to household linens. Tom will share his wealth of knowledge, show his own work for inspiration and discuss motivations to repair. Participants will leave with a comprehensive hand-out of techniques covered and a repair sampler made in the class.

For more information and to book your place, click here.

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