Petra Börner, Imagine Whats Possible.

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With Oscar season approaching we are delighted that Petra Borner is one of fifteen artists to be commissioned to illustrate the Imagine Whats Possible poster for the award ceremony. More of Petra's work can be seen issue 7 page 16 and issue 12 page 9 and on her website. Of her design Petra said, 'I wanted to create a psychedelic or dreamlike montage depicting the web-like interaction taking place between the creator and the audience. It’s woven into a world of the unknown, central is beauty and fluidity of connections. Films wash over and seep into us like waves. Who’s watching who? Where does it all begin? Where is the root to inspiration, the possibilities are countless, endless? The artwork is cut in layers of paper, a technique parallel to the traditional way of cutting film into moving image.' I will be glued to my TV on Sunday February 22nd and wish all the nominees good luck. [caption id="attachment_9889" align="alignleft" width="600"]Petra Börner   'Imagine What's Possible' Petra Börner 'Imagine What's Possible'[/caption]  

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