Portable Summer


One of the great pleasures of taking a holiday is the opportunity to take pleasure in the little things, living moment-to-moment, savouring simple experiences like going out to buy fresh produce for lunch. During the working week, it is difficult to take a moment to enjoy something like grocery shopping when everything must be hurried. It is a race to get in and out of the supermarket as quickly as possible, leaving with produce that is protected from the world with layers and layers of plastic and a splitting headache from the fluorescent lights. It is a fact of many people’s lives that food shopping is a necessary chore, and nothing more. cache_2466862332 However, come the summer holidays and many take the opportunity to seek rest and relaxation overseas. This is the time for visiting open-air markets, where grocery shopping becomes an adventure in sensory experience. A diversity of colours, aromas and sounds all compete for your consideration, inviting you to pay proper attention to your food. Where does it come from? How should you cook it? What is the name of the man sneaking an extra orange into your bag, for no extra charge? cache_2460782932 These vibrant baskets by MOWG evoke such a scene. “Inspired by the love of colour”, each basket has been individually hand-woven using plastic strapping. They are summer holidays embodied in one handy accessory, injecting a sense of playfulness and enjoyment to the shopping experience – even if that experience takes place in a supermarket after all.

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