Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making


Where you might imagine the art world to be a place of complete freedom, populated entirely by individuals with no time for self consciousness, it can in fact be one of the most judgemental spheres with its very own notions of acceptability. joanne B Kaar_3 Grass Boot Replicas Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making features craft by 34 artists who have or do feel that they and their practice face barriers to the conventional art world, whether through their background and social circumstance, their health, opinion or disability. TerenceWilde_Embodiments_AnthonyWoods-McLean "Themes in the exhibition include radical missions in which artists have a passion for a particular subject or technique; intuitive responses to textiles employed as a non-verbal means of engaging with the outside world; autobiographical responses to the natural or urban environment; and folkloric or surreal perceptions of the world." Pascal Tassini, TextileWrappedChurchChair All too often 'craft' is seen as a pejorative term in relation to 'fine art', each of these artists in some way challenges this idea. Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making Pallant House Gallery 12 March – 12 June 2016 Before touring around the UK. ErkkiPekkarinen_Artist wearing woven birch bark suit      

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  • Susan on

    Stunningly beautiful pieces and so very true. The truly brilliant artists and artworks are the ones often overlooked and undervalued. Thank you for sharing this important exhibit, especially for those of us who live outside the U.K.

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