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Anthropologie on the Kings Road have announced the next project to be filling their front of shop 'gallery'. In keeping with the American lifestyle chain's colourful and chic aesthetic, Amber Locke, AKA 'Raw Vegan Blonde' will be filling the space with her vegetable and fruit based designs. rvb4 Locke is known as the creator of the successful website, 'Raw Vegan Blonde' which 'celebrates the diversity and dietary benefits of raw, plant-based food'. Her prints (that will be on show in Anthropologie, rather than just the contents of a greengrocers) were originally just an off shoot of her zeal for a healthy fruit and vegetable based diet, however, since she began posting them on her Instagram account just over a year ago, these fruit and vegetable montages have gained huge popularity, taking on a pace of their own outside of the original website - they have since been featured in numerous editorials and advertising campaigns. rvb3 The montages are themselves very simple as, no doubt, a raw vegan diet is in ingredients. Each print is made up of a colourful, vibrant, orientalist like design, made entirely out of sliced fruits and vegetables. It's rather different to the fruit based art of Giuseppe Arcimboldo's famous fruit based portraits in the 16th century. This show will be the first time that Locke has exhibited anything solo. Given that this raw vegan has previously mentioned that her favourite items include leather goods from Hermes, the show will be an opportunity to see if there is more behind this 'Raw Vegan Blonde's' moniker and prints than a straight forward vegan mantra. 16 April-10 May,Mon-Sat 10–7, Sun 12–6 The Gallery at Anthropologie, 131 – 141 Kings Road, London, SW3 4PW rvb5  

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  • Esther Carpenter on

    Wow! Hermes ought to print them as fabulous scarves!

  • Rosie wilks on

    Are the designs printed on silk?

  • Thea on

    Beautiful, but what happens to the food afterwards?

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