One of the most historic buildings in Sydney has just been taken over by what’s being described as “a hurricane of colour”. LA-based artist Megan Geckler is the artist responsible for this six-storey installation, made to envelop passers by in the city's Customs House creating a playful sense of spectacle and disorientation. The suspended artwork is titled A million things that make your head spin, and was created with the utmost of patience, with a total of 14 kilometers of tape. Megan-Geckler-by-Jessica-Lindsay-CH_DSC_5405 Collaborating with an architect for this project, this is Geckler’s most ambitious project yet. Using thousands of strands of coloured tape typically used on construction sites, she has layered six rows of tape as they cascade down the building’s atrium from the rafters. Swirling in concentric rectangles, each layer rotates in the opposite direction of the previous one, using keen mathematics to ensure its captivating optical effects. Megan-Geckler-by-Jessica-Lindsay-CH_DSC_5396 Alongside Geckler, The City of Sydney recruited a team of volunteers to help make this installation a reality. Able to sign up and sign out at any time during its production, the number of volunteers who contributed ended up fluctuating up and down in the run up to its launch, echoing the sense of movement and community so evident in A million things that make your head spin. geckler-4 Located in the city’s Circular Quay area, The Customs House building is known as a great cultural hub that attracts hoards of tourists year round. This beautiful addition to its interior will be installed until April 30th, and will be a dazzling sight for even the most hard to impress spectator.

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  • Luise N. Hoffman on

    Amazing – beautiful – wish I could see it “in the flesh” – thank you for showing it.

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