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Graduates from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Farnham textiles course, will be displaying some exceptional textiles work next month at the end of year graduate show. Here is a preview of some of the pieces that will be exhibited, created by three graduate students: Emilia Birks, Katie Wilkinson, and Rosie Holttum.

‘The Skin We Live In’ by Emilia Birks

‘The Skin We Live In’ revolves around body positivity and embracing what we consider flaws on our skin and body. It is engrossed in the idea of us trying to conceal and cover these flaws with artificial products, which would otherwise make us individual and unique. The idea for the project stemmed from the everyday worries of having to conform to beauty norms and unusual methods were used to dye yarns and fabrics, including using fake tan and hair dyes, inspired by the need to alter and hide our imperfections.

'Disco Decade’ By Katie Wilkinson

Katie’s inspiration came from the disco scene of the 1970s, specifically Studio 54. She was inspired by the glitz and glam of the outfits seen on the dancefloors throughout the decades. With particular reference to Studio 54 and the fashion, Katie was drawn to stories of raunchiness, naughtiness and the downright outrageousness. Katie used the visual imagery that she amassed to create a collection of fabrics which could be translated into garments that would channel the energy of the ‘Disco Decade’.

‘The Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal Erosion’ by Rosie Holttum

Rosie focused specifically on the impact of climate change. Creating large-scale, hand-made textile art pieces to represent the size of climate change and its colossal damage it has on the Earth. Rosie based her work around The Walton-On-The-Naze coastline, which is known for eroding at a fast rate, due to climate change and rising sea levels. Colour plays an important role within Rosie’s work, creating contrast by crafting colour palettes that often juxtapose the daunting meaning behind my textile art pieces.

The Farnham Graduation Show takes place from 6 June - 15 June 2019. 

UCA Farnham, Falkner Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7DS UK.

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  • Cas Holmes on

    UCA and Farnham have an exceptional reputation. Studied at Maidstone in the eighties. Lesley Millar, Professor of Textiles develops thought provoking exhibitions internationally.

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