The people behind Yateley Papers have been block-printing for the better part of ten years, having recently set up their own company. We love their designs, and spoke to Trudi Savin to find out more. Tell us about how you came to block printing… A friend of a friend introduced me to Angel of Tobias and the Angel interiors, which was the start of a nearly ten-year working relationship. I was entirely self-taught, running workshops and hand-block printing textiles and papers at the studio in Surrey. That’s how I met Sophie, my co-director, who worked in the main shop in Barnes. We instantly realised that we were kindred spirits, passionate about hand-block printing vintage wood blocks, pattern, colour and gorgeous stationery. After years spent chatting about fantasy product lines, we took the leap and set up our own business, Yateley Papers, last year. IMG_2463 Block printing has historically been associated with occupational therapy. Does this have any relevance to your work? So far we haven’t worked with occupational therapists, but this is an area we would be interested in looking into. Broadly speaking, block-printing is therapeutic for anyone who is stressed, anxious, or just needs some time out of their busy lives. IMG_2379 Why stationery? If you’re a stationery addict, there’s nothing quite like the smell of a fresh notebook. Even non-addicts appreciate beautifully-designed, fine-quality stationery. There’ll always be a place in our lives for hand-written letters, notes and postcards that we want to treasure. Correspondingly (excuse the pun!) there’s a need for something lovely to store them in. That’s why we developed a range of paper-covered storage boxes and filing products for the home. Much of what’s out there can be boring or poorly made, so our range is the craft-based, design-led, quality alternative. IMGP4351 Tell us about your influences… We’re inspired by what we see on our travels; from prints and patterns in Indian block prints, Moroccan tiles, magnificent floors to simply doodles, shadows, and even utensils. Ideas come from anything and everywhere! IMGP4217

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