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Join us at Chateau Dumas to learn a range of skills – dyeing with woad, ancient Japanese dyeing techniques and specialised stitching. The week long course will not only be a time to learn exceptional skills from experienced practitioners, but an opportunity to unwind in the beautiful surroundings of the South of France and build new and hopefully lasting relationships. This course in particular is perfect for anyone with a soft spot for indigo. callishibori The Japanese textile dyeing method of shibori dates back to the 8th century and can be applied using a range of techniques. If you are not already familiar with the term you will no doubt already be familiar with its beautiful effects (pictured above). The process and outcome shares some of the magic of indigo dyeing and you may well have seen shibori featured in past issues of Selvedge (see issues 63  - 61, 24, 16, 2 & 0 here). Jane Callender has been exploring shibori for nearly twenty years and will be sharing her skills to help you create some of your own beautiful patterns on cloth (including shibori stitching) during the week. 2ecee02e8233d02f968c3a17fa745ac88e196f78 Similarly Denise Lambert has been dyeing with woad (Isatis Tinctoria) since 1994 and has made the study of its remarkable dyeing properties her life's work. Lambert will be teaching you to dye your own yarns before weaving. You will leave with your imagination fired.

22-29 AUGUST 2015

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