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We're sailing ever closer to the final stop on our spring tour and it looks like we will end things on a gentle high. Injiri Rebari CollectionInjiri From the serene designs that form The Chapel Collection (a curated collection of clothes and accessories made entirely by hand, using natural dyes where possible, makers include Injiri and Maku) to the delicately observed drawings of Rachel Eardley; the Stroud Fair features craft at its most sophisticated. beach_hut_view   Which is not to say there isn't a playful side. We can't wait to see Sophie Tilley's dolls in person and meet Kathleen Murphy's characters made under the Murgatroyd and Bean banner. artist-partners It's an early start in Stroud – market towns are up with the lark – which will leave you time to explore the host of events taking part in the SIT Select festival. Advance tickets £3.50 (on the door price £5) To buy tickets to our fair please follow the link here. Saturday 16th May 2015 9am-4pm The Subscription Rooms Kendrick Street Stroud Glocs GL5 1AE United Kingdom    

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