'I intend to re-introduce value to the consumer, the rural artisan and the craft through the end product, re-establishing the tender relationship between woman and needle' Handmade by women from four different villages in south eastern Pakistan, with care, quality and sustainability at their core, Sjo's products are made with the consideration of what 'handmade' means to us today and are 100% anti fast fashion. co-design discussions Feb 2014 Founded by Seher Mirza in conjunction with her PhD at at the Royal College of Art, Sjo's craft stitched products help to support and sustain rural women in Pakistan both economically and socially. The brand's name is taken from the values that it stands for, 'jo' means 'of' or 'from' in Sindhi (the local language) and 'S' is to stand for Mirza's social values – Social empowerment and enterprise, Sustainability and Stitch-craft in the region of Sindh. ,m Aside from being ethically noble, Sjo creates beautiful things for both you and your home. As each one is made by hand by someone who knows their craft incredibly well, each and every piece is entirely its own and of a very high quality. Below: A woman wears a Sjo necklace. Ombre necklace Purple Naz 3        

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