Solace In Symmetry

Guest post by Ruby Wilson

As with many, Alan Oliver’s affinity with textiles began in Liberty London. Working in Soho he would wander the department store on his lunch breaks, soon becoming ‘captivated’ by the furnishing fabrics on the fourth floor. He then began buying old sample fabrics to craft into his own cushions and soft furnishings. Now Alan works as a rug weaver, creating luxurious pieces of art that add style and comfort to any room.

As a self proclaimed perfectionist, the weaving craft appealed to Alan on a number of levels. He admits it is easy to get caught up in the order and symmetry of a weave structure, but also explains that the craft requires a certain degree of physical skill. He also loves the creative potential of the weaving process; inspired by nature, colour, art and currently Mark Rothko’s expressionist work.

Alan is particularly fond of the dying process; the magic and alchemy of the transformation. To see his designs become physical pieces as they take the shape on the loom is also one of the highlights of his job. Of course, as with all creative processes sometimes things do not go as planned and Alan has had to abandon more than one piece.

Alan’s love for functionality and aesthetics are ultimately united by his craft, and his perfectionist tendencies mean that every rug he produces ticks all the boxes.

Alan Oliver will be taking part in the Selvedge Christmas Fair in London this Saturday 2 December.

To find out more and to book your ticket, click here.

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