Her materials are horse hair and needles, seeds and dog hair, burdocks that stick together, and grass stalks. Her subjects are space and the emptiness in between. Of tiny dimensions, lyrical in their sensuality: these are the sculptures of the German artist Christiane Löhr. 00f1bcc6-134a-471d-b79e-e79c01e93e80 Interested in art, in structure and the creation of new experiences of space, she began to observe all the tiny objects created by nature – which form space in themselves – whilst grooming her horse and studying at the Art Academy Düsseldorf. Löhr takes these natural objects and combines them to produce structures and spaces reminiscent of nature and architecture.They hold together only by their own natural properties, ingenuity and patience. She works in a special microcosm, fragile, light, calm, but with a strong sensuality. e5c8b5c1-8c58-4800-8ecc-03c4ea9feaee
But nature is not her primary issue. Instead, her main interest is space. “It concerns sculpture, it concerns perception. It does not at all concern nature. I am interested in the form of the plants, not in their botanical features.” As Löhr emphasizes, “I am a sculptor. My issues are sculpture and perception, form and space, the very concrete involvement with the given daily objects. It is another way of displacing space, or rather ‘sculpting’. This is an extract from Dr. Uta-Christiane Bergemann's article in the Delicate issue of Selvedge. Christiane Löhr has recently won the prestigious Pino Pascali award 2016. Congratulations Christiane!

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