Stitch by Stitch at One Two Five Gallery


One Two Five Gallery welcomes a special exhibition from Stitch by Stitch, Graham Hollick and Karen Sear Shimali's London based textile design company. Stitch by Stitch was founded by the designer Graham Hollick, after embarking on several trips to the remote Kutch Region of Gujurat, an area famed for its embroidery. stitchbystitch_BINDI_cushion Together they have worked with many artisans from this area, utilising hand woven wools and Kala cotton fabrics to create a collection of cushions, rugs, blankets, and quilts with a modern aesthetic. The brand is also highly concerned about ethical production, ensuring that “Our embroiderers and weavers are able to earn a fair wage, and so gain independence and self –empowerment from their work." ergdf The exhibition will also include textiles and ceramics made by Carole Waller and Gary Wood. Carole uses fine silk fabrics to create large-scale paintings, laminating the cloth between glass panels so that it can be employed in architectural interior. Gary Wood creates ceramics: bowls, cups, vases and candleholders. He has recently created a new series of wall pieces, ‘Stations’ exploring ideas relating to the symbol of the cross. Stitch by Stitch Until 31 July One Two Five Gallery

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