Stitched Cartography With Etka Kaul

Ekta Kaul is an award-winning textile artist and an experienced educator based in London. She creates embroidered maps based on personal narratives and a small number of colourful wearables. Ekta’s textiles are imbued with character, they speak of exceptional hand craftsmanship, careful attention to detail and sensitive use of materials and colours. Ekta’s creative voice in rooted in the plural - a unique amalgamation of her Indian heritage and British training. Her work is held in several private collections and can be seen at select galleries in the UK and abroad including Liberty’s, Contemporary Applied Arts and The New Craftsmen.

On 25 May, Etka will be giving a workshop on stitching cartography in London. During this workshop, participants will learn to embroider a map of the place that has a special meaning to them. It will be an opportunity to express through stitch significant places, for instance, your hometown, a favourite park or a place that exists only in memory.

The day will begin with drawing and developing the map artwork. Learning how to curate your map, Etka will show participants how to portray locations that are personally meaningful and geographical features that give the place its special character. There will be the opportunity to experiment with stitches to create pattern and texture. Ekta will offer individual help and feedback, emphasising how to develop ideas. She will also share her creative process and bring illustrative samples. 

For more information and to book your place, click here.

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