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The V&A’s exhibition "Opus Anglicanum" has now ended, but for those of you who missed the opportunity to see it, there is another chance to experience (and even own) examples of exquisite English embroidery. This month, St. Mark’s Church (Regents Park) will be holding an exhibition, sale and auction of ecclesiastic embroidery pieces – many of which are of great historical value. 350cfc686a537a243b338253c562d68d Recently, the church was gifted over 500 items of embroidery work, made over a two-hundred year period by the All Saints Sisters of the Poor. The Sisters are a religious community based in Oxford, and are known for their charitable work with the poor as well as their needlework. They were also the custodians of an important collection of church vestments owned by Lord Rushdie, the former Archbishop of Canterbury. Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 09.35.54 The church is unsuitable for the storage of these textiles, but is offering the opportunity for collectors of historical and ecclesiastic textiles to view and purchase these items. The exhibition will include stoles, frontals, veils, burses and embroidery samples – all beautiful examples of the rich Anglican material culture, with every piece having its own story. 20.-Angel-detail-proper-right-side-panel. On the 21 March, there will be a lecture by a fine art expert and a representative from the convent, who will explain the historical and religious significance of the exhibits. The sales and auction will take place on the 23 March, and end on the 26 March. 21, 23, 26 March 2017 Saint Mark's Square Prince Albert Rd, London NW1 7TN St Mark's Church website.

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