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Intrigued by indigo? Perhaps you would like to go along to the screening of Blue Alchemy, a feature-length documentary about how the dye is being used for projects that help to preserve cultural integrity, improve communities and the environment whilst bringing beauty to the world... Join the Director, Mary Lance, for a special screening soirée with a Q & A session and a book signing by Jenny Balfour-Paul. 6pm, 7 March 2012, City University, London. To book click here

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  • Clare Bungey on

    Hello Charlotte, sorry for the delayed reply… This event is being hosted by the Colour Group, they run events all over. Unfortunately this event is only taking place in London, but if you are interested in indigo I would highly recommend getting a copy of the film as it is a great resource. You can see a trailer on Mary’s vimeo site or buy the film from her website

  • Charlotte on

    Any chance this film might be screened in the South West…even Devon maybe…..Dartingtom Cinema perhaps.? Everything does sometimes tend to be a little Londoncentric and I’m sure it would do well here. Or is it available to buy?

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