Sydney Craft Week

As part of Sydney Craft Week, Australian Design Centre will open three new exhibitions; In These HANDS: Mara nyangangka, Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards and Fish Out of Water by Dorothy Filshie.  

Sturt Gallery and Ernabella Arts present In These HANDS: Mara nyangangka, an exhibition of new paintings, ceramics, tjanpi weavings and punu from the artists of Ernabella, celebrating 70 years of Ernabella Arts.

Forty-six years ago, five young artists from Ernabella Arts went to Sturt Gallery & Studios as part of a residency to learn new weaving techniques. In These HANDS: Mara nyangangka tells the story of that residency, its impact on subsequent generations and offers a showcase of the contemporary work of senior artists including Pepai Jangala Carroll, Rupert Jack, Tjunkaya Tapaya and Alison Milyika Carroll alongside emerging Indigenous artists.  

Featuring outstanding work by contemporary NSW textile artists, Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards are presented by Australian Design Centre in partnership with the Seed Stitch Collective. The award is an open call-out to contemporary artists, designers and crafts-people to create an open arena of opportunity, and to uncover the diverse range of textile artists in NSW. 

Fish Out of Water is an exhibition of the textile object work of NSW artist Dorothy Filshie. Dorothy uses hessian, calico, duck and artists’ canvas plastered with old-fashioned gesso made from rabbit skin glue and whiting powder to create her sculptural fish. Fish Out of Water is displayed in Object Space, a window gallery that is available for viewing 24/7.

Sydney Craft Week Festival 2018
5 October - 14 October

Sydney Craft Week is an inspirational festival that showcases of exceptional contemporary craft and speaks to our fundamental human urge to create. An initiative of the Australian Design Centre, this ten-day festival features over 200 exhibitions, workshops, talks and open studios. Join us in October for this feast of mindful making. 

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