Hearing the phrase “print on demand” usually conjures up the image of books shooting out of an industrial printer. Now, this method of production has found a newer form. An interesting new company called Elobina has started to use this production process in a bid to create a range of textiles tailored to each individual’s taste. On Elobina’s website, people can pick and choose what product they’d like to buy (from pillow cases, to bed sheets and kimonos), what pattern they want on it (choosing from a selection online or even uploading their own artworks), and what material they want it printed on (including a range of cottons and silks). What at first might sound like an industrial, almost robotic method of production is in fact not the case. Here we have a successful marriage of the technological and the personal. Jul-elobina So what could this mean for textile production in the future? Well, one of their previous projects could be a clue. One customer, having moved into a new home covered with floral wallpaper typical of the seventies, wanted to redesign the interiors without altogether losing a sense of the previous design. With this in mind, Elobina used this wallpaper pattern to print on demand cushion covers that were then plotted around the house – a mini homage to the tastes of a bygone era. Using non-toxic pigment inks and reactive dyes, Elobina are nothing but upfront about their environmental values. Committed to sustainable production and a sense of community, they use only organic cotton and encourage both experts and amateurs to share their design ideas, inspirations and tips to keep their style fresh. Segueing from the designer-cum-visionary trend in textiles, these creators aren’t afraid to embrace new things, and it’s paying off.

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