The Button Project


Koumpounophobia, or the fear of buttons is a surprisingly common phobia, and if you have it then stay away from “The Button Project” at the Macclesfield Silk Museum. This display of over 300 buttons celebrates the towns’ history as the centre of the UK’s silk industry and features hand crafted buttons by designers alongside the museum’s own collection of silk buttons. Don’t miss these miniature works of art, on show until 8th August.  

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  • Handmadebysoo on

    For someone like me, a self confessed button addict, this is heavenly! Thank you. Handmadebysoo, aka The button queen of Aylesford X

  • Anne on

    I am disappointed that I have only just seen this post because I would have loved to go and see these buttons. I am always buying buttons just for their design, not because I need them.

  • Donna Sutor on

    I have the OPPOSITE of a fear of buttons. I am an obsessed LOVER of every kind of Button imaginable.

    The silks pictured are O so Lovely!!!!

  • Phiona Richards on

    Haven’t had chance to visit yet, but intend to before it closes. Here’s a link to my book paper button

  • Deborah Nicklin on

    Fab to see the mention by Selvedge :)
    This was a lovely project to take part in and we finally went to see it this weekend – we enjoyed a walk around Macclesfield and a look through archives and films in the museum too.
    I’ve mentioned it on my site too and my facebook page.

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