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We take inspiration from the most decedent of decades; the 1920s, with The Jazz Age exhibition at the Fashion Textile Museum, whose curator Dennis Nothdruft introduces us to the glitz and the glamour. Dani Trew examines how contemporary designers are taking inspiration from the era. Any magpie would tell you that the appeal of the shiny is not new and Sarah Jane Downing traces the history of the sequin from Elizabethan times to the present. 195918000004362004_zc_v6_sv_73_digital_20 Further back than that is Opus Anglicanum, the height of English embroidery and ultimate mastery of goldwork. We look behind the scenes at the detailed costumes made for TV and film by Cosprop as well as their hard wearing but equally impactful designs for staged productions. 195918000004362004_zc_v6_sv_73_digital_32_(1) On another scale entirely we talk to the costume designer Deborah Cook who designs in miniature for animation, an approach not dissimilar to that used for fashion dolls since the 13th century.
Finally... we celebrate the work of Dorothy Whipple in a soon-to-be published compilation of her short stories, offered to our first one hundred three-year subscribers from Persephone books. 
I wish you a sparkling Christmas and hope to see you at our Advent Festival. 
Polly Leonard
73 Decorative - Elaborate textiles to thrill
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