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We started working on The Millinery Issue about a year ago. As the deadline of an issue approaches, the the Selvedge Office turns into a hive of activity as we work with photographers and writers to create the content of the magazine. It doesn't stop there... After the images have been photographed or illustrated and the text has been edited the digital files of the pages are sent to our printer Westdale Press in Cardiff. There Alan Padbury and his team print, fold and bind the pages into the magazine that you receive. Here's a look behind the scenes... While we were there we asked Alan a few questions: How many pages can you print in an hour? Of A4 it is 16 pages a section at 15000 per hour = 240,000 per hour x 3 presses is 720,000 per hour or 1.7 million pages a day (assuming we didn’t stop for anything!) How often are the colours checked during the printing process? The on board computer is checking every few sheets. The ‘glass’ also called a ‘linen tester’ is really only used to check fit of the colours on set up. How long does it take to dry?  It depends on material from a few hours on a gloss coated to a day or longer on uncoated. How long does the binding process take? On the magazine, three to four days. And a few questions about you: How long have you been in the printing business and director at Westdale? I started printing on a letterpress at home when I was 15 and made my career choice after spending holidays with my uncle in Ipswich where he worked for a traditional printing company. Westdale was formed 31 years ago and I was the Production Manager and I became a director in 1989 and later bought the business with a colleague in the mid 1990’s. What was your first experience with printing? Printing leaflets for Flatford Mill in my uncles garage on a 1920’s Model 4 Excelsior Press. Can you tell us a bit about your collection of old presses, how many do you have? Which is the most exciting, or the oldest? I have a collection of about 20 hand presses and my favourite is and always will be the Model 4 which I still have and still print on 45 years later. I also have two treadle platens and many cases of original type including a lot of wooden type. We'd like to thank Alan and everyone at Westdale Press for their hard work in making Selvedge. The issue is out now, if you don't already subscribe why not join us and you'll receive an issue every two months through your letterbox.

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  • Nan Leaman on

    Hi Selvedge( my favorite in the whole world!)
    I am checking on 2 subscriptions, one is my own Nan or Nanette Leaman in Washington state USA and the second one is for my daughter, which she also loves, Amahra Leaman also in Washington state USA. I give her this subscription as a gift. I will continue to give to her as a gift. Please let me know what the status is of both subs.
    Thank you
    Nan Leaman

  • Diane Groenewegen on

    Wow – It was great to see the presses running and the latest issue being opened page by page.
    As well the care and dedication of the printer and editor placed on each issue.
    I am in Sydney Australia and receive my issue on line.
    So no actual paper copy.Though as I read the magazine (and all those issues back to the beginning) I do feel part of a privileged group of textile artists.These days I access the magazine on my tablet wherever I might be. So I it becomes an amazing library wherever I might be.
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment
    Regards Diane Groenewegen.

  • Grace Warde-Aldam on

    Hi Nan,
    Thank you for getting in touch. Probably the best thing to do would be to call us on +44 (0)20 8341 9721 or email us at

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