Yesterday was International Women's Day and to celebrate Gudrun Sjoden hosted an award to find 'the most colourful woman of the year'. Selvedge's founder and editor Polly Leonard was invited to Stockholm to help decide who the joyful award should go to. The nominees were all women who've shown that thoughtful creativity, confidence and determination can lead to great things... Jolanda Richter is a freelance artist in Austria. She expresses her creativity both through her art and in the way she dresses. 12799251_1057385034307201_5246471546302082447_n The landscape artist Julie Dumbarton draws inspiration for her colourful oil paintings from the natural beauty and magnificent scenery of the Scottish Borders, where she lives. Jackie Leggett, Jackie has been designing clogs with a colourful twist since graduating with a degree in footwear design. Her role model is her great-grandfather who was also a clog maker. Anne Sophie Gilloen is a ceramic artist whose work focuses on sensuality and intuition. She has created a world of small, poetic figures that convey messages about the different stages of life. 12744085_1052358614809843_7384785829441080792_n Tiina Ranta can create more or less anything out of clay. She has worked as a sculptor for more than 16 years, using clay as a medium to tell stories. Tiina sells her personally designed works of art in her own shop, in an old brick house with a unique atmosphere. Lori Siebert, Lori is a colourful artist who has built up her company with talent, hard work and love. Lori is a generous woman who shares her knowledge and experience with others to support them. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is originally from the UK but now lives in New York. She uses a range of techniques in her art works. She is also a writer, blogger, television personality, teacher and product designer. 1422439_1059322127446825_687879243019217086_n Tarja Sipiläinen is an energetic, enthusiastic and courageous writer. She has published more than fifty short stories and has been the editor of an independent publishing house, where she encouraged and coached many other writers. Tarja is many things. And last night the winner was announced as... Stina Wollter, Stina is an artist, a singer, radio personality and a great source of inspiration who encourages women to express themselves with pride. She’ll happily poke fun at herself and isn’t bothered by prejudiced people who have a problem with women being seen and heard, especially those who don’t have an impossible ‘ideal’ size-zero body! Find out more at "There are no true boundaries between my different stations in life, family, home and art in its various forms; they weave in and out of each other, triggering and building upon themselves." – Stina Wollter   1538845_1060202930692078_1886557163267802153_n

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