The Most Noble And Elegant

We're getting closer to the Spring Fair in Bath, where fifty curated exhibitors will be displaying an exciting range of artisan goods. It is only fitting that these beautiful creations and products are exhibited in a beautiful setting - which is why the fair is taking place in the historic Bath Assembly rooms.

The city of Bath is an elegant city and has been a fashionable getaway destination for centuries, thanks to its spa. Designed by John Wood the Younger in 1769, the Bath Assembly rooms were built to accommodate the most fashionable visitors. Completed in 1771, they were described as 'the most noble and elegant of any in the kingdom'.

The four rooms are the Great Octagon, Tea Room, Ball Room and Card Room, all designed for specific entertainment purposes. Guests can move easily between them and there is a small formal garden outside. Why the name "Assembly Rooms"? The assembly was a particular 18th-century form of entertainment; ‘a stated and general meeting of the polite persons of both sexes for the sake of conversation, gallantry, news and play’. Guests would gather in the rooms in the evening for balls, concerts and other social functions, or simply to play cards and socialise. If this sounds familiar, it's because such events frequently take place in the novels of Jane Austen, who lived herself in Bath. 

There is a cafe and gift shop located on the ground floor, and the Bath Fashion Museum is located on the lower ground floor.

To find out more about the Selvedge Fair and book your tickets, click here. Enter FAIR2FOR1 at the checkout to get 2 for 1 tickets!

Blog post by Jessica Edney.


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