The Selvedge World Fair: Carla Fernández

Mexico has an incredibly rich textile heritage, dating back many centuries. Many contemporary Mexican artisans continue work with methods and motifs that are unchanged from pre-hispanic times. One fashion label that has been inspired by the textile richness of Mexico is Mexico City-based Carla Fernández. The brand works with artisans from all over the country and approaches indigenous crafts with a great deal of respect. 

The brand has gained international acclaim for their commitment to promoting the handmade textile industry of Mexico’s indigenous communities through their production of beautiful clothing, textiles and housewares. Their contemporary take on handcrafted methods is proving ethical fashion can be striking, avant-garde and forward-looking. The Carla Fernández team travels throughout Mexico visiting communities of artisans that specialise in handmade textiles, helping to sustain long-standing traditions and the people who collaborate with the brand.

Carla Fernández works closely with the artisans at the onset of each project, where techniques such as weaving or hand looming, are an integral part of the production of new pieces and collections, rather than adding decorative embellishments at the end of the creative process. The artisans become partners and are compensated fairly for their contributions. 

We are excited to announce that Carla will be one of the exhibitors at the Selvedge World Fair in 2020. We have partnered with the International Folk Art Market to create a three-day celebration of textiles in central London, where a curated group of world-renowned artisans will share their skills and show their work. We are currently fundraising for the Fair and each donation received will bring us one step closer to staging this extraordinary exhibition of international excellence. For more information about The Selvedge World Fair or The Selvedge Foundation please visit or

Blog post by Jessica Edney

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