It seems that cashmere has forever been known as one of the most luxurious materials you can wear, but at what cost? (And we don’t just mean to your wallet.) Nancy Johnston discovered the answer to this question during her travels to Mongolia before launching her sustainable fashion brand, Tengri. The worldwide demand for cashmere has had almost devastating results for those who herd cashmere goats in Mongolia, leaving the land in danger of turning to desert. So what is the alternative? Yakshmere. Tengri_Mongolia_yak_landscape This month Tengri have been selected by Selfridges to be the store’s ‘Bright’ Ambassador as part of their ‘Material World’ platform on Oxford Street, where they’re promoting this new, sustainable alternative to cashmere. In an effort to raise public awareness of sustainable materials in fashion, Selfridges’ project ‘Material World—What on Earth Are You Wearing?’ dedicates a selection of the store’s coveted window displays to one single, sustainable material until the month of March – a refreshing breather from the jam-packed visions of London’s busiest high street. 170109-material-world-windows-yakshmere-hero For their selected window display, Tengri are promoting ‘Yakshmere’ as a more viable – but equally as luxurious – alternative to cashmere, made from responsibly sourced Mongolian Yak hair. They use prestige noble Yak fibres and are renowned for advocating responsible clothing production, working with 4,500 nomadic herding families and winning many awards for its environmental credentials. tengri To coincide with their sleek window display on Oxford Street, Tengri have launched a capsule collection of clothing in collaboration with menswear label Harry Stedman, along with an exclusive line of knitwear available at Selfridges. Reflecting on this collaboration Johnston has said, “We are slowly seeing positive shifts in consumer attitudes to sustainability, but it’s essential for influential retailers to drive the change for good to protect our planet and our future.” So, let the sustainable revolution begin!

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  • Brigitte Magnin on

    Wonderful idea, good for nature and families living there. I hope I can get the address to be able to buy this nice wool soon…

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