Three Year Gift: Ace & Jig Scarf

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our readers and subscribers! If you are looking for inspiration for a last-minute gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, why not take advantage of our three-year subscription offer? When compared to other fixed-term subscriptions, the three-year option costs less per issue, plus the first 100 people to sign up for one will receive a very special free gift.

Working intimately with artisan weavers in India Ace & Jig’s yarn dye woven textiles are made with as much integrity as they are designed with. All their textiles begin as raw cotton. From there they work with a dyer who mixes multiple dyes and is able to get the exact shades without even measuring. These dyed skeins of fibre are dried in the sun and wound on a wheel concocted out of an old bicycle. Then the painstaking warping process begins. They start by making small weavings called handlooms, tweaking colour, texture, pattern, and hand feel until they get the fabric just right. ‘It's only once we look at the textile and get that magical feeling that we pass the final designs on to larger autolooms for production’.

This issue, Ace & Jig are offering a two-toned scarf that ties around the neck, worth $125. All you need to do to receive this gift is purchase an 18-issue subscription and add the Ace & Jig scarf to your shopping basket. While stocks last. Subscribe here.

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