Victoriana at London Fashion Week


Pregnancy was apparently very much on Simone Rocha's mind when putting together her latest collection. Her first baby was born just three months ago. erScreenshot-670 This enormously important moment in her life is reflected in her distorted matron/nurse/mother/governess vision. Although the collection is beautiful, it is also a fine line away from something more visceral and possibly traumatic. ergScreenshot-674 Erdem takes its signature ethereality into high Victoriana this year. Whilst flowers and pretty hair remain, the tone is altogether heavier and in keeping with the current resurgence in 1970s glamour. ergs Continuing on with the 1970s interpretation of Victorian dress is Roksanda. The Belgrade born designer has adapted her eye for colour and simplicity too fit with the Margot Tenenbaum-Victorian from Mars aesthetic. rok

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