Vogue 100


It seems to be a fairly common occurrence: specific images, clothes and people from the hand-me-down, finished with pages of a mother's Vogue being photographically remembered years later. No doubt many of the visitors to the National Portrait Gallery's current show will be coming with lifetimes of these memories in mind. few Reflecting on the publication's 100 years the show is much more than just a history of fashions. The magazine's century-long success has made it a valuable record of a wider cultural and aesthetic changes. tumblr_m7ylzt11511r4cz3io2_1280 Who knew that Vogue pulped and recylced their entire paper economy as part of the war effort in 1942 – that's not just invoices, notes and type - the effort also included original prints of images."The Steichens, Sheelers and de Meyers, Horsts and Beatons, all gone." Thankfully copies still exist in various private archives, but the challenge of assembling some of this material must have been enormous. 6d980eded8fab5b4ce16f4766c670c05 Visit the exhibition to be reminded of long lost copies, see the images as photographs in the flesh and examine how fashions have both evolved and repeated over the years. A behind the scenes documentary of the magazine is coming soon. Vogue 100: A Century of Style Kirsi Pyrhönen in Mongolia by Tim Walker, 2011 ©Tim Walker David Hockney, Peter Schlesinger and Maudie James by Cecil Beaton, 1968 ©The Condé Nast Publications Ltd Anne Gunning in Jaipur by Norman Parkinson, 1956 ©Norman Parkinson Ltd/Courtesy Norman Parkinson Archive Linda Evangelista by Patrick Demarchelier, 1991 ©The Condé Nast Publications Ltd

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