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Arianna E. Funk is passionate about Scandinavian weaving. She wants to spread understanding about this textile heritage, as well as offer a novel way of engaging with weaving drafts and thus inspire more to weave by offering new and exciting channels. This is why she started Weave of the Month Club.

Weave of the Month Club is a subscription service where members receive a newsletter the first of each month with a link to an online member platform. There they can download that month’s draft, see a large selection of inspiring photos and sometimes videos, discover the Pinterest inspiration board, and more. Those who choose an ‘analog’ membership also receive a little package in the mail with a handwoven sample and a yarn card.

The subscription is for a calendar year and 2019 is a four-harness year by popular demand. Arianna takes pride in designing the platform to be simple and easy to use, while also providing exciting inspiration for weaving enthusiasts. She herself has been inspired by Scandinavian greats like Ylva Kongbäck, Malin Selander, and Winnie Poulsen. She loves making useful things and creates projects for members that she herself would enjoy. The projects are rooted in Scandinavian tradition but have a modern aesthetic.

They are formatted in the ‘Swedish’ way but come with an explanatory introduction. The club is open to all weavers, but the drafts assume at least some previous experience weaving. They are meant to be like cookbook recipes: they work wonderfully if you follow them to the letter, but can also be used as a jumping-off point or as inspiration to flex your creativity and talent.

Guest blog by Adrianna Funk.

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