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Le Corbusier's architectural and artistic work throughout the 20th century has had an awe-inspiring effect on culture worldwide. As an artist, his buildings were created on a wave of modernism that led the way for a number of fans and imitators right up into the 21st century. As a cultural figure, his name has an almost planetary renown, as the century's premier 'celebrity architect'. Museum Jorn in Silkborg, Denmark pays homage to him this month, featuring his designs for buildings, works of art, furniture and sculpture. The exhibition also includes a collection of his writings on art and politics alongside the works of fellow modernist Asger Jorn, in whose former studio the museum is based. The exhibtion, entitled, What moves us? Le Corbusier and Asger Jorn, allows for a clear picture of the multi-faceted man behind the name almost more famous than his many works. chanel-fall-winter-2014-15-haute-couture-finale What is less expected than his architectural impact is Corbusier's influence on the fashion world, with more and more designers taking structural cues from his work. For their Autumn/Winter 2014 Haute Couture show, Chanel set the runway in a facsimile of an 'outdoor living room' that Corbusier designed in 1929 for Charles de Beistegui. The clothes too, most noticeably in the show-closing wedding dress, reflected the clean white lines that defined Corbusier's most famous works. Young designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, whose French gamine style garments with a Brutalist twist got him onto the LVMH Prize shortlist in 2014 is equally inspired by the architect, albeit in a less direct way. Inspired by a childhood growing up surrounded by modernist architecture in the cities of Southern France (he cites Corbusier's work in Marseille, La Cité Radieuse as a major influence), his designs have combine functional and innovative with a bold use of colour that blends bold modernist principles with twenty first century playfulness. La-Grande-Motte-JACQUEMUS-2 A still from Jacquemus's short film for their S/S 14 collection, named after the film's location, La Grande Motte ( And whilst the man behind the buildings may not have seemed as primed for artistic co-opting as his designs, his iconic glasses and bow-tie combination inspired a runway of Corbu dopplegangers at the Italian men's fashion house Corneliani. In Autumn/Winter 2011, the house made the personal public and brought visibility of the artist to the forefront of their interpretation of Corbusier.Le CorbusierFrom homages that dot the cityscape in countries across the world, to more round about tributes, the sometimes controversial master of modernism helped construct the century itself, from the ground up. What moves us? Le Corbusier and Asger Jorn at the Museum Jorn 12th September to 13th December 2015 Jacquemus La Grande Motte S/S 14

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