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Even if you didn't make it to our Spring Fair you  still have time to enter our 'Fair Competition' to win items from our lovely exhibitors... Scroll back through our previous blogs to enter each competition. Winners will be announced tomorrow. Good Luck!

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  • Mark Mohon on

    I will be in England next week. Sorry I could not make it this week!

  • Merlynn W. on

    Would just love, love to win!

  • Rachel Dawson on

    I have woken early this morning with ideas for my degree show running wildly through my mind. I clicked onto the selvedge website for a little bit of pleasure and saw the beautiful floral print on the purse,what a lovely way to start the day….

  • Janie M McDonald on

    If only the fair could travel and come to us in the lonely outposts of the country…………

  • Mircea Masserini on

    Selvedge is a rescue from everything bad and ugly we are forced to face everyday.

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