A Craft For Christmas

Guest post by Ruby Wilson

A handmade gift is always more appreciated than a shop-bought one. The love and care that goes into the craftsmanship cannot be purchased. So, with that in mind, why not learn a new craft this Christmas at one of our workshops?

Natasha Kerr began her career by designing textiles for the luxury market. After uncovering a series of old family photo albums, she created a body of work that in 1998 was to become an installation occupying an entire Victorian townhouse in Battersea, London. Selvedge is offering a mixed media workshop with Natasha herself in France next summer, where you can create an artwork based on recollections and remembered stories using personal drawings and photographs for inspiration.

Using a mix of text, creative writing, hand-stitching, painting, screen-printing and appliqué to create a layered, fine art panel, you are sure to create a piece unique and special to you. Natasha will share with you her knowledge of composition, placement and balance, explaining how layering can create different effects and suggest moods.

Natalie Chanin, founder of Alabama Chanin, is also offering a workshop with Selvedge next March. Chanin began her career by hand-sewing garments from cotton jersey t-shirts. Her company is now a leader in elevated craft due to a strong belief in tradition and dedication to locally sewn garments and goods. By ensuring responsible, ethical, and sustainable practices, her employees act as 'makers and educators, working to elevate and merge design, craft, and fashion.'

During the workshop, you will be given comprehensive instruction on hand-sewing and embroidery including the physics of sewing, reverse appliqué and an overview of garment construction and additional sewing techniques and stitches  the perfect craft to practice in preparation by the fire this Christmas…

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