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“Natural, raw beauty touches our souls.... and transforms us and our world by connecting us to the best in ourselves. It is essential to our very cores.” Cara May learned to knit when she was just eight years old – much to the amusement of her friends. What was originally a pastime eventually developed into a career, after May decided that a fast-paced job in the construction industry was not for her. She now has a studio in the River Arts District of Asheville, in North Carolina, USA. She is not the only maker who is based in the area, as...

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Julie Arkell at The Selvedge Artisan Fair

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Folk artist Julie Arkell has created a world of whimsical beings for us to enjoy. Inspired by her daydreams each quirky creature she makes takes at least two weeks as there are many drying stages in between the layering of papier mâché. Interestingly the inside of her playful sculptures is made entirely from pages of The Guardian newspaper, whilst the outside is covered in pre-1950's literature that Julie picks up from various second hand book stores. After the figure is fully crafted they are dressed in made- to- measure hand sewn, embroidered or knitted clothes and all of them have a little quote or line...

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Blue Alchemy

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Indigo is a textile dye, extracted from species of the Indigofera plant which contains a chemical compound called indican. When processed in certain ways, the green leaves of the plant produce a striking blue colour. Indigo can be a temperamental dye, and special knowledge is required to produce it. Used since antiquity, for a long time it was the world's only blue dye. At the end of the 19th century, this came to a sudden end when synthetic indigo took over in commercial and industrial practices. In traditional societies it still holds a place both culturally and artistically. The indigo dye process...

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The name Injiri means ‘real India’ and originates from a name given to prized fabrics exported to Africa in the 18th century. The driving force of the brand is the talented designer Chinar Farooqui, whose passion lies in studying traditional textile, dress and the stories behind them. As a young girl she travelled to craft villages with her mother, who filled their home with handmade cloth, such as local indigo dyed fabrics. Studying fine arts and textile design led the way to Farooqui’s own label, which Selvedge first featured on the pages of our Blue & White issue.   Today, drawing inspiration from...

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The Golden Thread


Book review by Joss Graham In 1975 Lorna Tresidder took a sabbatical from her post as Senior Lecturer in Textiles at Liverpool Polytechnic and, aged 37, took herself and 3 young children to India on her quest to study embroidery. Covering a lifetime of experiences in the Banni grasslands of Northern Kutch in the Western state of Gujarat, this book, published almost 40 years later, is an account of the adventure that started then and shows no sign of finishing. Drawn by its rich craft traditions – particularly embroidery and quilting but also block printing, tie-dye, leatherwork and many other...

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