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It's not long now until our fair in Edinburgh, with preparations in full swing for Selvedge's first fair at Dovecot Studios we talk to one of the knitwear designers joining us... What made you start working with textiles? Having taken a 20-year maternity leave, after my children left home, I wanted to see if I could start a business in something I am passionate about and make a success of it. I moved to Shetland in order to launch this business. What is it about your craft that captured your attention? I love the double “layer” in Fair Isle patterns,...

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Julie Arkell at The Selvedge Artisan Fair

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Folk artist Julie Arkell has created a world of whimsical beings for us to enjoy. Inspired by her daydreams each quirky creature she makes takes at least two weeks as there are many drying stages in between the layering of papier mâché. Interestingly the inside of her playful sculptures is made entirely from pages of The Guardian newspaper, whilst the outside is covered in pre-1950's literature that Julie picks up from various second hand book stores. After the figure is fully crafted they are dressed in made- to- measure hand sewn, embroidered or knitted clothes and all of them have a little quote or line...

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Emma Wood

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Using 100% Merino lambswool from the UK, Emma Wood blends the modern design atmosphere of Berlin and the best of British wool traditions. By combining traditional English craftsmanship with contemporary German design aesthetics, the result is a collection of home and fashion accessories that sits balanced between two cultures. Each collection is carefully designed by Emma in Berlin, who then works with some of Britain's best wool textile manufacturers to produce the high quality Merino Lambswool cloth.  The yarn is sourced from an experienced spinner in Yorkshire, before being woven at the mill only 20 miles away. It is then finished by specialist textile finishers...

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The handmade fair 2015

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Do drop in and see us at Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade fair at Hampton court Palace this weekend. We'll be bringing our library of back issues for you to take a break with – or to take home, plus a special half price subscription deal for any fair visitors. The Handmade Fair brings together a collection of Kirstie Allsopp's favourite designers and artisans, teaching and selling craft products. A perfect event for anyone looking for craft inspiration or ideas for making a beautiful home. 18-20 September The Green at Hampton Court Palace

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Stroud Fair Stand-outs

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We will be opening our doors in Stroud at 9am this Saturday so join us nice and early! Everyone will have their own favourites but we wouldn't want to miss the makers shown here... We discovered Tanja Malo's work last year when she debuted her collection of delicately crafted jewellery at the Selvedge Winter Fair. Since then the collection has grown and developed and 'In The Yurt' is now producing a range of bracelets beautifully wrapped with vintage liberty prints, intricate necklaces and indigo pieces. Tanja will also be bringing her selection of Swedish embroidery linens. A new addition to the Selvedge Fairs...

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