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With the Winter Solstice on 21st December promising us longer days ahead, we're making plans for summer.

From block-printing, through apothecary to mask-making we will be running a range of courses with some of the most talented designers and makers we know throughout 2017.

Simply click on the title of the event that interests you to find out more.


Held at the beautiful Chateau Dumas in the South of France, each of these eight courses offers the opportunity to learn, relax and make friends.

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If the summer, or France, are too far away for you then fear not – we also have a range of courses and workshops on offer in the UK.

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Whilst there will only be daylight for seven hours and forty nine minutes on Wednesday, there will be an extra eight hours forty nine minutes of daylight on the June solstice. Plenty to look forward to!

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